Timothy Pastoral Apprenticeship

Are you discerning a call to pastoral ministry? Here are a few things about The Timothy Pastoral Apprenticeship (TPA) that might interest you:

  1. The TPA is a church-based, theological/ministry training program.
  2. The TPA is the natural outgrowth of a tried and true ministry philosophy shared by West Center Baptist Church, Central Valley Community ChurchRiver Community ChurchConnection ChurchEmmaus Road Church, and Faith Baptist Church.
  3. The TPA allows pastors to be trained in a church, rather than an isolated academic environment without incurring crippling financial debt.
  4. The TPA allows pastors to be trained in the church, thereby enabling a pastoral trainee to become all the more quickly humbled and attached in love to a local body of believers.
  5. The TPA ensures that students have pastoral mentors walking closely in training them for future ministry.

To learn more about the TPA program or order an informational catalog, visit the official TPA website here.